Rolling Loud Festival is going WORLD WIDE

Rolling Loud Festival originated in Miami, Florida and is now the largest Hip-Hop Festival in the world.  It has announced that it is now going all over the world.

Screen Shot 2017-10-01 at 10.26.28 PM

Rolling Loud Festival Dates:

  • Shoreline Festival Grounds x Mountain View, CA: October 21-22, 2017
  • NOS Events Center x San Bernardino, CA: December 16-17, 2017
  • TBA United Kingdom x 2018
  • TBA China x 2018
  • TBA Japan x 2018

This is an important thing for hip-hop listeners because there are not many hip-hop festivals that are accessible. Most festivals do not have a heavy rap influence. For example, Firefly festival is fun and has some rap artist, but focuses on a pop/alternative/EDM style of music. Rolling Loud Festival host many artists on the hip-hop spectrum. There are many well-known artists, but they give spots in the lineup to the new artist that have a small fan base. These opportunities for the young artist are huge because it allows them to show their face and grow their fan base.

Also, for the poppin’ line up Rolling Loud offers, the tickets to the festival are generously priced. For the upcoming festival in the Bay Area, the two-day package is only $199 at the 3rd tier. Before the concert, there are different tiers to encourage festival goers to get their tickets early. The longer you wait, the more expensive the pass is. The headlining artist is Travis Scott, Lil Wayne, and Schoolboy Q. This is exciting because it was said, Lil Wayne had one of the best sets in Miami during the annual/original Rolling Loud Festival in May. There is 20+ artist on the lineup, so the price range is perfect. Also, these festivals are marketed to the younger generation which makes the affordability of them extremely important.

Festivals give listeners a different way to enjoy their favorite artist. While they are still crowded like regular concerts, there is much more freedom and space. Also, many festivals have different food and fashion vendors available to the attendees. This can be a big deal for people that indulge in the hip-hop culture. Many of the vendors are self-owned businesses created with little resources. These young folks are having trouble fitting in with the capitalist economy which makes it extremely difficult to be successful. Since people recognize the struggle, the hip-hop community has made it a point to bring small black-owned businesses to life.

Despite what the critics say, the Rolling Loud Festival going worldwide shows the prominence of rap music in the world. The influence the hip-hop culture has worldwide is indescribable. It varies from music all the way to what people think is the trendiest outfit to wear. For example, after Logic performed 1-800-273-8255 on the VMAs, calls to the suicide hotline spiked, because of the social influence he brought to suicide prevention and mental illness. Also, rappers are voicing their opinions on the currentpolitics in the world making people aware of the troubling situations at hand. Rolling Loud Festival will be the perfect messenger to relay these influences around the world.

What rapper do you want to see on a future line up?



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